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Image of W-H-I-T-E - SUNNA


WhiteHorsesInTechnicolorEverywhere (W-H-I-T-E) presents its debut full length album SUNNA, a blend of eerie pop melodies, meteoric noises, and gravitational rhythms.
Artful pop melodies and experimental space sounds, not combined, but as one, in the vein of Panda Bear or Dan Deacon. It's like an expansive platform of sound falling from space and entering the stratosphere, where it burns and bends and twists and melts to reform as airy melodies and a beautiful voice, gravitational beat's and oceanic fluidity.
The result is an ethereal yet grounded album, something to listen to in both caverns and cars. W-H-I-T-E is Cory Hanson, residing in Valencia, CA, has played with Magic Mountain, Blackagar Boltagon, Hellomynameischad, and yes, DEER. Cory also recorded and produced OKIE DOKIE's s/t E.P.
SUNNA, will be released as a CD/Digital and as three 7" vinyl’s.

CD edition of 500