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_ Quarterly Issue 10: Illusions

Image of _ Quarterly Issue 10: Illusions

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Within the United States, the accepted notions of private and public have melded into one singular definition laced with authoritarian control. State-mandated boundaries in the forms of public parks, neighborhoods, no-fly zones, and constant streams of
surveillance, maintain a precarious balance between the illusions of freedom and safety. These physio/ideo-spatial interventions bring with them violent divisions of class: who belongs and who is criminal, who can and who can’t.


Contributions from:
Dena Yago
Eric Hu
Jesse Hlebo
Justin Sloane


The newsprint component of _ Quarterly Issue 10: Illusions is also the sixth publication in the Brooklyn Shelf Life project; curated by Swill Children and Printed Matter, Inc. in collaboration with Showpaper, presented by BAM.

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Edition of 125
5.25x7.5" / 33x22.75"
Two color Riso, B/W offset on newsprint